Salty's Grill & Bakery

Located at the airport terminal, Salty's Grill & Bakery offer a great range of freshly baked breads, croissants, toasties, freshly roasted coffee, tea and milkshakes. Enjoy their freshly made smoothie bowls or deliciously cooked brunch options.


Open Monday-Friday mornings. Freshly baked selection of breads available every Friday make sure to pre-order your loaf of bread as they do sell out. 


Salty's Opening Hours

Monday 8am-12pm - Breakfast / Brunch
Tuesday 8am-12pm - Breakfast / Brunch
  3pm-8pm - Malay Food & Pizza Night
Wednesday 8am-12pm - Breakfast / Brunch
Thursday 8am-12pm - Breakfast / Brunch
  5pm-8pm - Kebab Roll & Salad
Friday 7am-1pm - Bakery & Cafe Session
Saturday CLOSED




P: (08) 9162 6616