Lagoon Swim



Imagine palm trees swaying in the breeze, white-sandy beaches and waters varying between brilliant navy blues to the lightest, clearest turquoises imaginable— if you’ve been waiting for an excuse to go on an adventure to a beautiful remote location, then the COCOS KEELING ISLANDS LAGOON SWIM is your chance!


The Cocos Keeling Islands Tourism Association welcomes you to put on your swim cap and goggles (dodge floating coconuts) and plunge into stunning tropical waters where you will be distracted by coral gardens and a spectacular array of marine life that you will marvel over.


The Cocos Keeling Islands are an Australian territory located in the Indian Ocean 2750 kilometres north-west of Perth. The territory consists of a group of 27 islands that form two flat, low-lying coral atolls in a total land area of about 14 square kilometres (the two separate coral atolls are 24 kilometres apart and have developed on top of old volcanic undersea mountains).


Swim course

This 8-kilometre event will take place within our clear and protected lagoon where the water temperature ranges between a perfect 25 to 29 degrees. It is point to point, from Home Island jetty, to Rumah Baru, the jetty on West Island.


If you’re looking for something different, then these are just a few reasons you should join other swim enthusiasts in this years’ Cocos Keeling Islands Lagoon Swim, which takes place on Saturday 17 November 2018. This event gives you a chance to experience one of the most memorable holiday and event combinations ever. Entries are limited, so make sure you don’t miss out!


Entries are open for solo, duos (teams of 2) and quads/novelty (teams of 4).


Not your average swim

Due to the remote location of Cocos, there are compulsory briefings, and each swimmer/team must have a boat accompany them (off-island participants’ registration fees includes a support boat).


Registration details

All participants will receive a race pack which will be issued on arrival to the Cocos Keeling Islands.


Minimum age

There is no age requirement for the Cocos Islands Lagoon Swim, however, if you are under 18 years of age then a written consent form must be provided by a parent/guardian.


Entries open

Entries are now open. Register as a Lagoon Swim participant HERE.
Entries will close when the swimmer capacity is filled.
Entry numbers are restricted for safety and logistical reasons.


Registration payment

Payment must be made online at the time of registration for your entry to be received. 


Entry fees (off-island participants)

―    Solo entry fee $195.
―    Duo entry fee $340 per team.  
―    Quad entry fee $560 per team.


Entry fees include race merchandise and a ticket to the Welcome long-table dinner (three-course dinner) on Wednesday 14 November 2018, which is a great opportunity to meet your fellow swimmers.


You will need to register online.


The following information will be required after registration

Our events team will get in touch with the Captains and soloists after a successful registration. The information we require includes the following for each participant: 

-    Full name
-    Gender
-    Date of birth
-    Email address
-    Contact number
-    Address
-    Team name 
-    Participant complimentary t-shirt size
-    Emergency contact details
-    Medical history
-    Additional merchandise 



There are no refunds for the Swim. However, team changes are allowed up to two weeks prior to the event. You must notify the Tourism Association with any name changes.



There are no refunds for the Swim. However, team changes are allowed up to two weeks prior to the event. You must notify the Tourism Association with any name changes. The Tourism Association strongly recommends taking out insurance due to the nature of the swim. Travel insurance is further recommended  based on the remoteness of the island and the limited flight availability. 



The presentation of prizes will be held at Cocos Club at the end of race day.
Prizes will be awarded to first place getters in the Solo, Duo and Team categories.


Event cancellation 

An event of this nature is dependent upon weather conditions. The Cocos Keeling Islands Tourism Association has the right to alter or cancel the event if adverse weather conditions prevail or are likely to occur. No swimmer or team is to disregard this decision. Should a swim cancellation be deemed necessary by the safety committee, participants will receive free entry for the 2019 Lagoon Swim.