Internet & Phone network

The Cocos Keeling Islands mobile network is not part of any of the mainland mobile networks and currently does not have any roaming arrangement with them, thus, mobile phones do not work on our island group. Should you want to stay in touch with your family, friends or work colleagues a GSM network and mobile phones are available for hire from the Cocos Keeling Islands Community Resource Centre. Pre-booking your mobile phone enables call forwarding to your new contact number prior to departing to the Cocos Keeling Islands. 

1x day hire   $  10.00
1x week hire   $  35.00
1x fortnight hire   $  60.00
1x month hire   $100.00 


The Community Resource Centre also offers wireless vouchers that can be used at most accommodation providers (Cocos Cottages, Cocos Beach Motel, Cocos Village Bungalows, Cocos Castaway, My Island Home, The Lagoon), the Cocos Club, the Golf Donga, Maxi’s By The Sea, the Pondok on Home Island (next to the Shire office) and at the main shelter on Direction Island.


1x hour   $  4.95 (Quota: 150MB)*
3x hour   $  9.95 (Quota: 350MB)*
1x day   $19.95 (Quota: 750MB)*
1x week   $64.95 (Quota: 2500MB)*

*one device only


Contact the Cocos Keeling Islands Community Resource Centre or visit their website to pre-book your mobile phone or internet vouchers prior to your arrival on the Cocos Keeling Islands. The Community Resource Centre will arrange for your mobile phone/vouchers to be delivered to your accommodation. 


Cocos Keeling Islands Community Resource CentreP +61 (08) 9162 7707


Opening hours
Monday – Saturday 8am to 3pm