Barefoot Ball



Watch this space for the announcement of date for the event of the year!


As the full moon crests the horizon, the inner lagoon begins to glisten and sparkle and a party atmosphere engulfs the Yacht Club. Welcome to the Cocos Keeling Islands Barefoot Ball!


A gentle sea breeze carries the sweet scent of frangipani blossom on the warm night air as the water gently laps the shore.  It is a tranquil setting …. and then the live music starts!  


Leave your shoes at the entrance and continue the evening barefoot.  An enchantingly decorated marquee provides a great place to sit and enjoy a culinary delight consisting of local ingredients prepared on site by talented and passionate artisans.  


Dinner served, it is time to hit the dance floor.  The designated dance floor consists of soft white beach sand and is a great spot to bust a move.  Be warned though, your calf muscles will be sore the next day!  


The Barefoot Ball is unique social outing that only the Cocos Keeling Islands can provide.  Stunning scenery, amazing music, tasty food and best of all, incredible company make for an evening that will be fondly remembered for years to come.  It only happens once a year and it is the party of the year.  The Cocos Visitor Centre is proud to present the Barefoot Ball in conjunction with the West Island Yacht Club. For more information and tickets, please contact the Visitor Centre.