Zephyr Tours - Kiteboard Lessons

Cocos Keeling Islands

Kiteboarding is the fastest growing water sports in the world, and the Cocos Islands is one of the best kiting locations in Australia. Where better to learn to kiteboard? Our instructors are IKO qualified and therefore our teaching methods are safe, efficient and progressive.


No other destination compares for Kite Surfing! If your idea of a perfect kite session includes consistent winds, flat crystal-clear water, uncrowded kiting areas, tropical palm-fringed white sandy beaches and plenty of fun - then the Cocos Keeling Islands are definitely the destination for you. From May to December the SE trade winds blow morning, noon and night and with the shallow waters and steady winds, its ideal for all levels of riders and abilities. Zephyr Kite Tours offer professional kite lessons from Complete beginner to advanced. Our resident instructor is available for one-on-one lessons with gear from October to July and can be booked HERE (link - http://www.cocoskeelingislands.com.au/zephyr-tours-kiteboard-lessons#/tours/72869 ). LESSONS DURING NOV – APRIL may be available once on Island – wind dependant. From July to October Zephyr kite tours run full kitesurfing packages with accommodation, transfers and lessons which can be booked directly through their website at www.zephyrkitetours.com.

Map & Directions




West Island,


Kite Beach is located 6km south of town on West Island. Just drive south along Force Road, which is a hard packed coral road from the edge of town, to the very end.

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