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Forecast for the rest of Monday 27 April

Max 30
Winds: Southeasterly around 10 knots.
Seas: Less than 1.0 metre.
Swell: Southerly 1.0 to 1.5 metres.

Forecast for Tuesday 28 April

Outlook for Wednesday 29 April
Winds: Southeasterly around 10 knots.
Max 31

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Turtles, dolphins, manta rays

While you're on Cocos, make sure you look out for the turtles, manta rays, nudibranchs (colourful sea slugs), and bottlenose and common dolphins that are regulars in the waters around the islands.

Whales are not common, however, they have been sighted in the waters surrounding the outer reef of the atoll. The outer lagoon also provides sea grass feeding and refuge for a lone male dugong known as Kat, much loved by divers!

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