The Cocos Keeling Islands. Make it yours...

Australia's last unspoilt paradise lies in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, kissed by the sun and caressed by fragrant trade winds.

Offering spectacular snorkelling, world-class diving, excellent fishing and the adrenalin-rush of kitesurfing, the Cocos Keeling Islands are also a deeply tranquil holiday location. Relax on empty beaches, visit uninhabited islands by canoe, watch spectacular birdlife or catch the ferry to Home Island and discover the culture and traditions of the Cocos Malay people.

Situated 2750 kms northwest of Perth, Western Australia, the Cocos Keeling Islands are a group of coral islands that form two atolls. Only two of the 27 islands are inhabited - the rest are waiting for you to explore them.

Choose from a range of whisper-quiet accommodation, pack a swimsuit and some beach shoes, and take an unforgettable holiday on a faraway tropical island. You'll never want to leave.

Watch a short introduction to Cocos by Sorrel Wilby as part of the 'Best of Australia' series.
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