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A visit to Home Island is an opportunity to explore a completely different world, just a short ferry ride from West Island.

Home Island is the land of the isolated Cocos Malay community whose culture and traditions are as individual as their unique history. The Cocos Malay people have developed the knack of accepting new cultural elements and blending them with traditions of their own. The result is a culture found nowhere else in the world.

On-island tours

Tours of the island give visitors the opportunity to learn more about Cocos Malay culture and history while getting some hands-on experience of the local trades and crafts.

Try your hand at basket weaving, learn about traditional jukong (boat) building, visit the museum and get an insight into the now-ceased copra industry. Dine on authentic Cocos Malay cuisine and stop for a chat with the friendly locals.

Cultural events and ceremonies

Throughout the year a large number of ceremonies are held at various houses in the kampong (town) for a range of family celebrations, but the biggest event is Hari Raya Puasa, the day that marks the end of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan. If you're on Home Island at this time don't miss the opportunity to wander the kampong with the locals as they take their celebrations from house to house.

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